Germany, Oct/Nov 2010

October 21, 2010

We are in Germany having a blast. We live in a tour bus, the venues are excellent, the food is delicious and there’s plenty for us to eat, drink and  be merry.

Our support band is Fiction Plane, a pretty cool 3 piece band from the UK, check them out.

That’s all for now, cheers!


a short one

September 3, 2010

We get a lot of negative comments on social networks, and we often get worked up about it. Sometimes we even post a reply to try win over the hater, to no avail.

What I’ve realized is we probably never gonna win them over. They hate us, they hate our music. They hate people who like our music.

So why bother?

From now on I’m just gonna take secret pleasure in the knowledge that everything we do annoys them beyond measure, and that is our retort. Maybe even our revenge.


Some Musical Advice

March 24, 2010

I found this at, a cool music resource site. Here is the address of the forum, the actual post is toward the bottom of the 1st page.

Thanks to the user Scafeets for some words of wisdom that make a lot of sense.

1. Looks: It doesn’t take a marketing genious to realize that a lot of musical acts have an edge because of their looks. If I were trying to “make it” I would work out more and hire a stylist of some sort.

2. Sound: You might think that the world is looking for a completely new sound, but you would be wrong. I guess if I needed to be commercial, I would listen to the platinum acts that were somewhat similar in style to my own and then I would try to figure out where my sound — tone, tempo, timbre, etc. deviated from the commercial norm. Then I’d start morphing.

3. Song structure and content: I’m a Steely Dan fan; but if I wanted to write hits, I would analyze the songs that make the top 10 singles chart. If your stuff is too hip for the room and you want to sell millions, do like Jon Mayer and smooth out the edges, reduce the solos to a bare minimum and write about relationships.

4. Fail Quickly: I borrow this bit of advice from Guy Kawasaki, who was actually talking about busines startups; but it applies to music, too. If you’re struggling, while doing the same shit, after a year or two, change your shit. Remember: We’re not talking about art here – you want to be a star, right?

5. Carefully select the People Around You: This is not a time to show loyalty to that semi-talented, but nice-guy bass player you’ve been carrying for a year. Get the best players and song collaborators you can find. This also applies to agents, managers, lawyers, sound men and anyone else who will have an impact on your career.

6. Develop Very Thick Skin: If you can’t handle constructive criticism, you have no business jumping in the commercial waters.

7. Have an exit strategy: There’s a good chance you will find yourself in a bad contractual relationship at some point in your career. Be prepared.

8. Have a success strategy: It’s amazing how many successful artists did fine until they achieved success, only to find out they couldn’t handle it. Figure out NOW how to handle money, people, substances, egos and conflicts, because they’ll all get bigger if you’re successful.

9. No matter how many people get a percentage, you’re still the boss. Make sure you understand everythng you sign. Do not delegate the “business” to someone else. They are there for advice, expertise, etc. but you need to know the business end if you don’t want to get porked in it.

10. Watch out for Yoko. If your girlfirend’s advice is different than what you hear from most everyone else, she’s wrong.

11. This ain’t no disco: But danceable songs give you a better than average shot at the bigs.

12. Booze and drugs ruined just as many careers on the way up as they did on the way down. If you can’t handle them, stay away from them.

13. Network: Just like any other job; the more you network the better your connections. The better your connections, the better your chances of making it.

14. Integrity increases your chances of success and reduces Karmic Payback. Sure it’s a cutthroat business, but there’s no reason to act like an asshole. People like to be around nice people. Be a nice person.

15. There are many easier ways to make a lot of money. If you’re in it for the Benjamins, follow the money. If you have half a brain, that will lead you away from the music industry.

16. Have fun, dammit. If you think you will enjoy the ride, go for it. With a 99.9% failure rate, you have to realize that the journey will most likely be the reward. So have fun, and keep your brains, health and integrity.

Hello world!

February 1, 2010

Well this is it, my first attempt at a blog. Not that I’m a particularly good writer or anything, but some people have suggested I should start a blog to chat about and document what we (The Parlotones) do from day to day.

So here we go…

Still not sure exactly how this works, but we’ll give it a go. It’s under my name, but I’m sure the others will also post stuff every now and again.

Ok, now how do you upload this…?

Ok, figured that out. So at some point I will be uploading some photo’s I guess, writing a bit. I suppose it’ll be a more personal thing, less of a gig guide, photos, etc. kinda thing. I’m not promising anything.

Cheers! Paul.